February 6, 2018

Worldwide Express Factsheet

Worldwide Express Fact Sheet

Volumetric Calculator • 5000:1

OWP: Overweight Piece
Applicable to items weighing 70Kg or more in dead weight or
volume weight, whichever is greater.
• £25.00

OSP: Oversized Piece
A surcharge will be levied for consignments where any one
dimension exceeds 120cm.
• £25.00

RAS: Remote Area Surcharge
Certain destinations due to their remote location attract a
surcharge per consignment. Please check with us first.
• £25.00

Cut Off Times • Please check with us for latest cut off times
Dangerous Goods • Not permitted 

DDP/Free Domicile

• Pre-alerts are mandatory and must be sent by e-mail to ops@speedysamedaycourier.com
• £25.00 surcharge applicable

• Pre-alerts are mandatory and must be sent by e-mail to: ops@speedysamedaycourier.com
• Only available to Switzerland, Norway* and Lichtenstein

Elevated Risk Surcharge** • £35.00
Restricted Destination Surcharge** • £40.00
Exporter Validation Surcharge** • £45.00

Items over 70 Kg, dead weight or volumetric

*Please note that single items weighing 70 Kg or more in dead weight or volumetric weight, whichever is greater, or items packed onto a pallet will be charged as per our non-conveyable tariff. Prices can be confirmed by contacting us on 0800 1337811 for a spot rate.
**Please note that a combination of the above charges may be applicable for certain destinations. Further details can be found on our website – as elevated-risk-surcharges.

Variable Fuel Surcharge, Transit Times, Volumetric Charging

Please note that surcharges are subject to a variable fuel surcharge.
All standard shipping do’s and don’ts are available on our suppliers website www.norsk.global/shipping-conditions. All rates shown are in GBP and are subject to variable fuel surcharges. Volume is calculated at 5000:1. Transit times are based on gateway cities from day of travel but do not include any UK customs clearance delays. Zone covers whole zone unless specified.

Non Deliveries / Returns Policies

If goods are unable to be delivered and as a result are returned to the UK you will be charged as per our Returns tariff. This is separate from our Export and Import tariffs. If you would like a copy of this please contact our sales department. Any returns not collected from our suppliers Heathrow hub within 5 days will be automatically returned to you via our UK overnight service and charged accordingly.