Why should I choose a Same Day Courier?

With parcel services growing more and more competitive, it can be confusing when looking for the right delivery service to meet your needs. When you have an item that requires a premium service, a same day courier is the best choice to ensure your goods arrive safely and securely on time.

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Why should I choose a Same Day Courier?

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  Vital Time Saving benefits

 We will collect your goods wherever you require a dedicated collection. Our courier drivers can collect from Work/home/business suppliers, with no need for you to drop your items into a depot. This ensures you can go about your day to day appointments and leave your goods at reception or in your Goods out department to allow a smooth collection.

Nationwide Couriers to meet your needs

When you request a quote for same day delivery of your goods, you can specify the size vehicle you require. All courier quotes are based on the vehicle you require. We won’t charge you for an extra large van if your goods will fit in a small van.

 Goods delivered direct

Our express delivery team ensure all goods are delivered directly by one dedicated vehicle. When choosing a same day courier, you are booking a service which maintains contact with your goods at all times. Most cheap parcel carriers will send your goods via a parcel network service without contact once they are scanned into the system.



The best advantage of booking a same day courier is their ability to collect your goods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most cheap parcel carriers are not available at all hours. We are able to offer timed collections


Cost effective

Our quotation team will only quote you based on mileage one way, when booking a direct delivery. If your staff members deliver your goods, they will require petrol costs on a return journey. Due to our same day drivers abilities to deliver nationwide, we are able to offer you a more cost effective solution. We will also only charge you for the vehicle size your goods require.



When you book an express delivery with Speedy Same Day, we provide a point of contact for you to communicate your desires for your booking. Your direct dedicated service is a bespoke service, ensuring your goods are transported from A-B within your specified time frames.


If you’re looking to choose a same day courier on a frequent basis, we are able to offer account applications to take advantage of account holder benefits. For more information call us on 0800 133 7811 or send us a message via our contact us page.