Speedy Travels – Bournemouth

This week Speedy Travels to Bournemouth. Located not too far from Speedy Headquarters, this town is a frequent location Speedy Travels to.


Bournemouth is a large coastal town on the south coast of England. Poole sits to the west of Bournemouth and Christchurch sits to the east, it also has a population of 183,491, according to the 2011 Census. If Speedy could travel as the crow flies,  Bournemouth is located approximately 94 miles southwest of London.

Due to the beautiful location of Bournemouth, it has become a popular tourist destination, attracting over 5 million visitors a year to it’s beaches and popular nightlife scene.

The Bournemouth Eye is a helium-filled balloon attached to a steel cable near the main lower gardens. The balloon is 226 ft in circumference and carries up to 28 passengers to a height of 630 ft.


The town centre has notable Victorian architecture and the local landmark, St Peter’s Church (pictured below), one of the three Grade I listed churches in the borough, has a 202 feet spire.


Bournemouth is twinned with Netanya, Israel and Lucerne, Switzerland.

Boscombe a suburb of Bournemouth hosts an all day open air Market held every Thursday & Saturday.