Future Sustainability and Lowering Carbon Emissions

As a leading provider of environmentally friendly same day courier delivery, Speedy Same Day Courier understands only too well the responsibility the transport and logistics industry must take to implement cleaner forms of courier delivery to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Speedy Same Day Courier already have one of the UK’s largest fleet of bike couriers and we’re constantly developing new and better ways to deliver goods in environmentally friendly ways- including the expansion of our bike and e-scooter fleet.

New technology is helping us re-shape the industry and we have been working closely with our partners to create and adopt the latest advancements with a view to trailing new concepts to make our delivery service even greener and environmentally friendly over the coming years.

Speedy Same Day Courier leads the way in offering alternative transport options and we are proud to be playing a key role by offering a greener courier service to reduce the impact and carbon footprint of our national fleet. We utilise our bicycle and e-scooter fleet in London; we use electrically assisted cargo bikes to move larger loads; as well as a mixture of hybrid-electric and full-electric vans in London. As much as possible we optimise our deliveries using smart technology that’s been developed using many years of real industry data.

Courier Service Guide

Typical Speedy Same Day Courier Delivery

A typical Speedy Same Day Courier delivery in London, Birmingham or Manchester might now be made by e-bicycle rather than the traditional motorbike or van. Each e-bike we use saves around four tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Furthermore our UK control centres are now powered entirely by renewable energy suppliers, just another example of our commitment to help reduce carbon emissions. We also use technology to full effect. Our intelligent online booking and delivery scheduling reduces unnecessary journeys and boosts efficiency throughout the network.

A Greener Future for Everyone

Looking to the immediate future, our aim is to provide customers with one the greenest delivery services in the UK, however this commitment will take some time to achieve. With our continued investment and long-term stratagy we are confident we can reduce CO2 emissions by at least 100,000 tons over the next 5 years.  

We continue to work hard towards a greener future for our planet. Ultimately the changes we make have a small impact, however nationally and globally we hope many more businesses move towards a greener future to save our planet from higher temperatures and rising sea levels.
The future of national and suburban delivery is most certainly a continued shift towards cleaner modes, which in the City of London will quickly become the norm. For a London same day courier delivery service, we can definitely see this becoming a standard service. If you want to offer your customers an environmentally greener delivery service, please don’t hesitate to contact us today or try booking a courier service online.