February 26, 2016

Courier Service Level

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Service Level – SLA – (service level agreement)

When choosing a same day courier delivery service Speedy Same Day offers a range of delivery options suited to your own individual requirements. To assist you when choosing one of our services we have listed below a service guide with description of the expected service level for each type of delivery . . . please read below

What is a ‘Sameday’ courier? 

Our most popular ‘low cost’ same day delivery service operates from any UK mainland postcode. We guarantee to deliver your items the same day, Monday to Friday (Deliveries are distance & time permitting). Select this service for items to be delivered anytime same day, This service does not include timed collections or delivery. This service may deliver *Outside of business hours.

Pickup time: We aim to collect your goods within 150 minutes. Collection times vary depending upon the area and time of day. No refund for late collection. Terms and conditions apply. Cancellation charges apply.

What is an ‘Sameday Urgent’ courier? 

If you require a faster delivery time please select ‘Sameday Urgent’ when choosing your service level. Generally ‘Urgent’ mean your items are prioritized for faster delivery. Urgent deliveries are usually completed within 3-4 hours (depending on the distance) and other time factors that  are beyond our control such as road congestion, traffic delays and road closures. *Example: an urgent service to/from London would be subject to increased traffic and road congestion, whereas the same service to/from a rural location would not be subject to the same levels of traffic. When booking an ‘Urgent’ courier service we guarantee the courier will have no more than two other standard deliveries on-board the same vehicle.

Pickup time: We aim to collect your goods within 75 minutes of booking. During peak periods expect longer collection times. All collections and deliveries are distance & time permitting. No refund for late collection. Terms and conditions apply. Cancellation charges apply.

What is a ‘Sameday Timed’ courier?

Our fastest ‘Timed’ same day courier solution operates 24-hours, 365 days a year from any mainland postcode in the UK. This service provides a ‘Dedicated Vehicle and Driver’ to collect your goods. Our controllers will allocate the nearest courier and divert them immediately to the collection point. This service guarantees delivery will go direct by road with a single courier (premium times) direct from door-to-door WITHOUT any stops or diversions. Choose this service for the fastest delivery time (pending road conditions) anywhere in the country.

Pickup time: We aim to collect your goods within 45 minutes from receiving your online order. (peak traffic times are excluded and pickup may take loner than 45 minutes). All deliveries are distance & time permitting)

No refund for late collectionTerms and conditions apply. Cancellation charges apply.

Important Reminder

Please remember our couriers are the best in the business, however we are not super-human and therefore unable to break the national speed limit or fly to the delivery destination. We do however guarantee to expedite your delivery by road in the shortest possible time. Please remember our couriers receive no special treatment and are subject to the same delays and road closures that we all hate from time to time. We will do our best to deliver your items as quickly as possible in all weather 24/7, 365 days a year.

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