Announcement – Speedy Jets take flight

Speedy Same Day Courier are excited to announce as of the 1st of April 2014 we will be launching a Passenger and freight air service. Speedy set his targets on the sky and hasn’t let anything stop him from achieving his dream of owning and operating 3 Boeing 737’s.

Services offered:
Next Day Early A.M.,
Next Day by 12:00pm, Next Day by 5:00pm

Domestic & International 

Import & Export

Our Speedy fleet of 737’s will be operating out of Dalio Forps Lay Airport. We will be operating a round the clock service transporting freight and passengers on domestic and international flights.

Speedy is hoping to establish regular low cost routes to Spain, Canary Islands and Turkey. Future expansion is planned for the summer 2014 season in the Mediterranean.